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Salt Creek Beach – South Orange County, California

Waves gently roll on the white sandy picturesque beaches of Salt Creek Beach in South Orange County. The view to the south is the Dana Point Headlands Conservation Area with public trails and open spaces for scenic walks. In the springtime, vibrant yellow flowers blossom and combine with pink and orange sunsets to create a truly brilliant landscape. To the north, the striking blue Monarch Bay spans the horizon, shrouded by the hills above Laguna Beach.

Travelers come from all over the world to visit these iconic beaches. They come each for their own adventure, whether that is surfing, enjoying the sun, whale watching, hiking, or just relaxing on the beach collecting the glass or stones that wash ashore. When visitors stroll along this slice of magic, it is a new adventure and memorable experience every single time. Even if you are a local you feel like you are able to get far away by taking in the sea, the coastal hikes, or mountain bike rides.

A Place We Call Home

Salt Creek Beach is a special place we at Manitou Life have been privileged enough to call home for nearly seven years. We have embraced the beauty in collecting shells, stones, pieces of driftwood, and all the simple pleasures the beach offers.

We explore the beach by using the new electric bikes, which are all the rage right now. They take you anywhere you want to go, are easy to use, store and recharge for your next outing. Our friends use these bikes nearly every day to head to and from the beach in minutes for a day of surfing. All you have to do it attach your boards and pedal on! Even if you’re not surfing, the bikes allow you to get outdoors, get moving, and discover the beauty of South Orange County.

Finding the Spirit Within

Salt Creek Beach has a special place in our heart because, to us, it encapsulates Manitou. The word Manitou is a native word that means “the spirit within” or “the great spirit within everything.” We believe you can find your spirit within by looking for it in the places you visit. That could be a beach, a mountain hike, or in the case of Salt Creek, an excursion around your own neighborhood.

With Manitou in mind, we want to let our owner partners, guests, and future guests know we strive to serve them. We are experts in vacation rental and short term stay industries and want to help you flourish in the growing industries and have exceptional stays. We provide strategic consulting, marketing, management, and more services that will bring together excellent vacations rentals, unforgettable adventures, and people who value creating sublime experiences.

If you are considering an investment in a VR property, leveraging a current property investment, or are seeking your next vacation, now is the right time to connect.

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