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If you are looking for live local music, art events, craft fairs we will help you find them. We tap into the knowledge of locals, seasonal residents, repeat guests, friends, family, and even our welsh terrier Oscar to give us the insider scoop on what to see. For instance, Oscar is an expert at finding the picturesque beach walks and secret off-leash mountain trails.  Let us help you get off the beaten path too.

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When visiting a place for the first time or even after many return visits, it’s fun to seek out places you have never experienced before.  Manitou Life will assist in creating an experience specific to your interests and sense of adventure. We provide curated itineraries filled with recommended experiences, destinations, off-the-beaten path activities in all of our communities. We know your time is limited so let us help you carve out unique outings so you don’t have to figure out plans and schedule after you arrive.

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